Always Bring Your iPod on a Disney Cruise!


Here’s a quick tip for all you Disney cruisers on the Dream (watch the video!) or the Fantasy:

Don’t forget your iPod.

I have an iPod Touch that dates from mid-2008. It should have died on me 3 or 4 years ago, but it’s still going strong.

We only use it for music now, and all of it’s 8 GBs are filled with tunes.

Last year, I just happened to throw it in my suitcase for my first Disney Cruise – and our first cruise as a family.

IMG_3849-1The Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

Most – if not all – of the Disney Cruise Line staterooms on the Dream and the Fantasy come equipped with iPod docking station radios. On a whim, I tried out the one in our stateroom. The sound quality was actually pretty good, and the plush Disney stateroom interior had great acoustics.

We just left it in the dock with the same playlist going nearly the whole cruise.

What was on the playlist?

A little bit of Jack Johnson, a little bit of Bob Marley, a little bit of Jason Mraz, and a little bit of Jimmy Buffet – a mellow island sort of vibe.


Don’t forget that iPod!

And don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get there from here!