Best Spot to Catch Epcot’s IllumiNations Show!


Have you seen the IllumiNations fireworks show at Epcot yet?

It lasts just under 15 minutes and is the perfect way to end a day at Epcot.

If you’re staying at one of the resorts close to Epcot – Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk – it’s an easy stroll back home after the show.

There is a ton of great information online about IllumiNations, from the official Disney page to sites like All Ears and WDWMagic. The big question is always:

Where is the best spot to see the show?

Our favorite spot – and the spot we think is best – combines supper in Japan with IllumiNations.

Do your research before your visit (if you book with us, we’ll be doing that research for you), and find out the dates and times for the show during your stay.

Let’s assume for this post that IllumiNations will begin at 9:00pm.

Make a reservation for supper at either Teppan Edo or Tokyo Dining.  Make the reservation for 7:00pm (again, we’ll be glad to handle that for you, too), which should give you time to enjoy a leisurely meal. When you’re finished eating, step out on the veranda and stake out a spot on the end facing the lagoon. You’ll be in the perfect spot to see the show.

Here’s an aerial from Google maps:

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 10.15.48 AM

The restaurants are in the building on the left, and while you cannot see it in this shot, there is a wide veranda on the front and end of the building.

The end faces toward the lagoon and the Japanese Torii along the shoreline.

The Torii is a perfect silhouette for photos of the fireworks!

IMG_6260-1These were snapped with our iPhones in our favorite spot after a great meal at Teppan Edo!


If you’re thirsty, you can also walk just a few steps across the pavilion to the Sake Bar for a beer or some sake.

Now get out there and enjoy IllumiNations, and let us know what questions you have.

And never forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Epcot from here!