The Peacocks of Sandals Royal Caribbean

IMG_3640-900A regal silhouette in Kensington Village at Sandals Royal Caribbean

While several Sandals resorts have a resident population of peacocks, the birds of the Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica may be the most famous.

IMG_5067 4-900Early morning at Royal Caribbean

The peacock is an awfully distinctive bird.

If you don’t see them regularly you’ll be shocked by their size and beauty.



IMG_3624-900How’s that for a tail?!?

IMG_3696 1-900Showing off by the pool

IMG_3706 1-900Hey, that’s my room!

IMG_5054-900A little peacock courting at Royal Caribbean!

IMG_5056 1-900


Let us know if you would like a closer look at the peacocks, as well as all the other fun stuff available at Sandals Royal Caribbean!

And don’t forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Jamaica from here!




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