Three Reasons to Discover Epcot’s Kidcot Fun Stops

IMG_5938-1Yes, the kids will love Epcot – and they’ll dig Kidcot the most!

What in the world is a Kidcot Fun Stop?

Since Epcot is a little more adult-centric (as opposed to Magic Kingdom), the Kidcot Fun Stops are a way to keep some of the smaller kids a part of the fun at Epcot.

Kidcot Stops will appeal to the younger ones with some crafts, and to the just-a-bit-older ones through direct engagement with cast members who are natives of the country you’re visiting.

IMG_6190-1Look for these signs! This one is in Canada.

The cast member will stamp your child’s passport and tell you some interesting facts about their home.

What passport?!?

At Disney, you can purchase a special booklet that looks much like a passport to bring to each stop.

If you book with Southern Girl Travel, we will give you one we’ve custom made just for your children. These passports have a page where the cast member from each country can place the stamp and write a few notes – often in the native language.

Here are a few examples:


IMG_7013-1Morocco was cool (one of the kids’ names in Arabic)

IMG_7012-1As was Japan – which has inspired our youngest to learn Japanese!

Even if you don’t book your trip with us, consider making your own passports.

The cast members who staff the stops almost always respond with special treatment for those kids holding unique passports.

It’s a conversation starter and our kids love the special attention as we’re sure yours do, too.

IMG_6199-1Enjoying the attention in China!

Each Kidcot Stop also has a separate table close by where the kids can settle in and color or try out a craft or two.

This makes a great time for the parents to sit and have a breather as well. There is almost always a cool drink close by in Epcot so take advantage of the Kidcot Fun Stops to sample a few kiosks and other drink outlets close to the Stops.

For a list of all the Fun Stop locations and some more details, check out All Ears or Mickey’s New Neighbors.

The stops do move occasionally, so don’t be afraid to stop a cast member and ask if you cannot find what you are looking for.

And you can always reach out to us.

What about those three reasons to discover the Kidcot Fun Stops?

The three reasons are simple:

1. Kidcot Fun Stops will engage and educate the kids, most likely without them even realizing it. Example: our youngest’s desire to learn Japanese.

2. Using the passports will give your family a mission to visit each country. We all visit Epcot with grand intentions of seeing everything – and then we run out of steam. Kidcot gives you that extra incentive.

3. Kidcot Fun Stops will give the parents a few minutes of relaxation and recovery. You can read about my adventures in Mexico that were possible because the kids were engaged at the Kidcot Stop.

There’s three…what are your favorite reasons for not missing the Kidcot Stops?

Before we conclude this one we thought we’d offer some comments from the kids themselves…

Veronica, age 11:

I think that the Stops are a really neat way to explore the different countries. At each Stop not only do you get a stamp, but they also write you a message in the language of that country and sometimes they’ll also write your name. It’s really cool to see your name in the other languages. Once you’ve visited every place and you have your passport finished it’s a great souvenir.

Cecilia, age 9:

Well, I think that it’s a good thing to use the passport. The Stops are good – sometimes you have to search for the signs and sometimes they’re in shops. The people are very friendly and will write your name and sometimes a message in the language of the country you’re in, and our passports have space to write things about it, and its a good way to remember your trip.

Never forget to:

Relax…you CAN get to Epcot from here!


  1. Natalie says

    Kidcot stops are awesome. I really loved creating this passport…… it really helped my autistic daughter engage with the World Showcase Cast Members. I hope your clients enjoy them just as much as she did!

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