Blue Moons and Sunsets on the Pamlico!

IMG_8984 1-634Sunset on Bath Creek, just north of the Pamlico River

During the much heralded blue moon a few weeks ago (July 2015), I was able to spend some time fishing with a friend during several evenings when the sun was setting and the blue moon was rising.

IMG_8829 1-634-1Along Back Creek

We began at the Quarterdeck Marina in historic Bath, North Carolina on Back Creek. Bath is on a small Peninsula bordered by Bath Creek to the west and Back Creek to the east.

Back Creek flows into Bath Creek, and Bath Creek flows into the Pamlico River about 10 miles east of Washington, North Carolina, and about a third of the way along the Pamlico’s run from Washington to the Pamlico Sound.

IMG_8836 1-634Sunset from the south side of the Pamlico

We crossed the Pamlico to a spot where the flounder were biting along the south side of the river not far from the small town of Aurora, North Carolina (famous locally for the Aurora Fossil Museum).

IMG_8874 1-634A little grainy with the iPhone – the full moon rising

As the Pamlico flows almost exactly east to west, we were able to catch both the sunset and the moon rise simultaneously.

IMG_8870 1-634Looking west

IMG_8867 1-634-1Looking east

IMG_8876 1-634Heading back north towards Bath

While the sunsets translate better in my photos, it was hard to decide which direction to look.

IMG_8925 1-634

IMG_8874 1-634

IMG_8934 1-634

IMG_8942 1-634

The water was a bit rough getting across the Pamlico, but the Striped Bass were biting in Bath Creek just as the sun was slipping behind the trees.

IMG_8967 1-634Along Bath Creek

IMG_8917 1-634

I was able to grab a final few shots of the blue moon on the rise, though my hand was a little too shaky for a sharp one.

IMG_8894 1-634

IMG_8921 1-634The bridge over Back Creek heading out of Bath

Our family has been fortunate to be able to spend time on and along the Pamlico this year, making some great friends in the process.

Reach out if you would like enjoy some of these wonderful sunsets in and around North Carolina’s oldest town – we’d be happy to offer some ideas!

And never forget to:

Relax…you CAN get there from here!


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