A Halloween Walk Through The Old Burying Ground in Beaufort, North Carolina

BuryingGate900x400-634Beaufort, North Carolina’s Old Burying Ground

Today is Halloween.


Our modern Halloween is said by some to be a quirky combination of the Church’s eve of All Saints Day, Latin America’s Day of the Dead, and England’s Guy Fawkes Day. Despite a backlash against Halloween in some corners, trick or treating can teach kids a thing or two about hospitality and history (throw in a little travel and it gets even better…cue Jennifer sighing as Mark mentions history). [Read more…]

Little Washington Sunsets!

IMG_9823-634The Southern Girl Travel kids checking out a Little Washington sunset.

At the spot in North Carolina where the Tar River meets the Pamlico River and salt water mixes with fresh, you’ll find a town called Washington, the first spot in these United States named in 1776 after then-general George Washington. It’s often known as Little Washington, and it’s the county seat of Beaufort County, North Carolina. [Read more…]