Little Washington Sunsets!

IMG_9823-634The Southern Girl Travel kids checking out a Little Washington sunset.

At the spot in North Carolina where the Tar River meets the Pamlico River and salt water mixes with fresh, you’ll find a town called Washington, the first spot in these United States named in 1776 after then-general George Washington. It’s often known as Little Washington, and it’s the county seat of Beaufort County, North Carolina.

IMG_2304-634Another one of those perfect sunsets over the Pamlico!

IMG_2306-634And another!

The Pamlico River is one of the defining features of both Washington and Beaufort County, and you’re going to be hearing more from us about the Pamlico, Washington, and Beaufort County.




Just to get you started though, here’s a collection of sunsets from Washington’s waterfront area – one of North Carolina’s best kept secrets.




Give us a call and we’ll let you in on the secret!




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