From Sunshine to Snowflakes: An Afternoon at Goose Creek State Park

IMG_3577-634Among the Live Oaks and Spanish Moss of Goose Creek State Park

On this January Saturday afternoon, we sit at our home in Burlington, North Carolina watching a few movies and recovering from a morning of sledding and making snow cream.

It’s 30 degrees outside, the sky is battleship grey, and the ground is covered in a mix of snow and sleet.

Just a week ago and 150 miles east we were enjoying a beautiful sunny day between the historic North Carolina towns of Bath and Washington on the north side of the Pamlico River – it was a day to forgive all sins. [Read more…]

A Perfect North Carolina Honeymoon!

IMG_8960-634A Wrightsville Beach sunset

Sharing that first family trip – the honeymoon – has been one of our favorite parts of being in the travel business. While the years keep adding to the distance between our own honeymoon and now, we can’t help but smile when we get involved with new honeymoons.

As a photographer, our friend Sonya Christian gets to see and participate in those family beginnings regularly, too.

Sonya and her husband Chris recently spent their very own honeymoon along the North Carolina coast, and we were thrilled when Sonya agreed to document the trip here on Southern Girl Travel. [Read more…]

A Day to Forgive All Sins

IMG_2633-634Along Taylor’s Creek in Beaufort, North Carolina

It’s mid-December here in North Carolina: 72 degrees and sunny – beautiful blue skies, and we just put up our Christmas tree.

Something’s slightly amiss, but we’re not complaining.

Today’s weather is one of those strange particulars of places like North Carolina – it can be freezing one day in the late fall or winter, and sunny and 70 degrees the next. [Read more…]