Exploring the Eno!


You might be asking, what exactly is the Eno?

The Eno is a small river that snakes about 40 miles through central North Carolina’s Orange and Durham Counties, until it joins a few other rivers and streams to form Falls Lake and the Neuse River. The Neuse goes on to empty into the Pamilco Sound not too far from one of our favorite travel spots anywhere, Beaufort, North Carolina.

Back when I was a kid, the Eno was one of my favorite spots for adventure. [Read more…]

10 Reasons to Visit Fort Macon State Park

IMG_0902-700A little “guy” time along the highest walls of Ft. Macon

State parks are the unsung heroes of the domestic travel world here in the United States.

Much less grand than their cousins, the national parks, state parks still feature great locations around the country that might otherwise be missed. North Carolina has more than a few state parks that are perfect for that busy family looking to relax a little. [Read more…]

Don’t Forget Your Own Backyard!

IMG_4743-900Dogwoods blooming in Willowbrook Park near our home in Burlington, NC

Owning Southern Girl Travel is tremendously rewarding. Helping people travel really is a dream job, and we’ve only found one significant occupational hazard.

We call it travel envy.

Sometimes planning trips to places we love or would love to visit all while hanging out at home really fosters a sense of wanderlust – so much so that we can forget to enjoy what we have here at home, in our own proverbial backyard. [Read more…]