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Mark and the Kids on a Coastal Carolinas’ Beach

By Mark

I have a friend who works as a public information officer for a community college in North Carolina.  He is also a career journalist.

He claims that I am one of the 7 people left in the United States who still reads hard copy newspapers and who actually subscribes to multiple papers (Jennifer and I subscribe to exactly 3 papers – two locals and the Wall Street Journal).

The Wall Street Journal always has some interesting articles on travel. These articles are often aimed at top tier U.S. earners. At least a portion of the Wall Street Journal’s target audience undoubtedly are high-level finance executives who make a great deal of money each year. [Read more…]

How Travel has Changed

Mark & Jenn on the Great Wall of China, Jan. 2001

We both graduated high school in the second half of the 1980s.

While many of our peers did travel regularly, most of that travel included trips to the beach during the summer, with an occasional study abroad trip to England or France. Jennifer took one of those during high school, but Mark waited until College and took a rather unusual study abroad trip through what was then still the Soviet Union, Mongolia, China, and Hong Kong (then still a territory of Great Britian). [Read more…]

3 Great Reasons to Visit Beaufort, North Carolina

The coastal destinations of North and South Carolina are one of our specialties at Southern Girl Travel.

We refer to these areas simply as Coastal Carolinas.

From Corolla in the north to Hilton Head in the south, the coast of North and South Carolina has an incredible climate, and with a few exceptions just the right balance of development and isolation. On the southern end of things we’ll occasionally claim Savannah, GA as part of Coastal Carolinas, too.

Near the center of the North Carolina coast is a small town named Beaufort. [Read more…]