Walking to Epcot!


This is another in our series of posts on the Epcot Resort Area (you can see earlier parts herehere, here, and here).

One of the most amazing things about a stay at one of the Epcot Resort Area resorts is the walk to Epcot.

It really is only a ten minute stroll from all the Area resorts, and while it seems a small thing, simply being able to walk over to Epcot in the evening after a great day at Walt Disney World can add a ton of value to an already wonderful vacation. [Read more…]

The Quantum of Bermuda: Books, Movies, and Travel Wishes

Flag_of_Bermuda-634Bermuda’s Flag

The Quantum of Solace is probably best known as the second in the rebooted series of James Bond movies beginning with that first Ian Fleming novel, Casino Royale and ending most recently with Skyfall.

But, the title Quantum of Solace was originally connected with a Fleming story published in the collection of short stories, For Your Eyes Only. Like a few of the Bond flicks, the film Quantum of Solace and the story of the same name have nothing to do with one another.

The film is an action-packed romp around the world. The short story centers on travel, but in an altogether different and more subtle vein, taking place in a different time. [Read more…]

Southern Travel Links…

We’re starting this week’s collection of fun travel stuff from around the internet with a video:

Can’t think of any better way to make life memorable than travel!

While we have tipping down here in the US, a little advice on tipping in the rest of the world can help. For Caribbean tipping, scroll about half way through the post.

For all you Star Wars fans, Disney is creating a Millennium Falcon play area for the kids aboard Disney Cruise Line’s ship, the Dream. Disney may find more than a few 40-something adults interested in spending time in the Oceaneer Club. [Read more…]