Making Lemonade in Walterboro, South Carolina


As I wrote in the fall of 2014, among all our photographs of all our travels – from Orlando to Outer Mongolia, from Beijing to Beaufort, from Moscow to Montego Bay – the above photograph will remain one of my favorites.

It’s a shot of our children on a nondescript playground in a nondescript place – could be anywhere. It was taken on Jekyll Island, and I think of it as the lemonade shot.

As so often happens with travel, despite all our planning and good intentions, despite owning a travel agency, despite doing everything right – everything went wrong. We ended up 500 miles from home in a beautiful out of the way place on a beautiful fall day – crystal blue skies and calm seas, a day to forgive all sins, our room reservation gone awry and not a vacancy for miles. [Read more…]

Aquariums, Hamburgers, and Flying with Kids…Southern Travel Links!

IMG_1183-634In front of the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores

North Carolina’s State Aquariums are a family travel tradition for us, especially the location along the Crystal Coast in Pine Knoll Shores (that shot above is from 2010).

Check out our post Kids and Aquariums…A Quick Introduction to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores to find out more.

The site Walking on Travels does a weekly postcard from a particular destination and they recently featured the Georgia Aquarium – one of the largest in the nation and a favorite of many across the South. [Read more…]