The Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals Montego Bay!


Along the white sand beach at Sandals Montego Bay resort

Warning: there’s a ton of information in this extra-long post so don’t be afraid to scroll around or bookmark it and come back later!

If you’ve read our Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals intro post, you’ll know how impressed we’ve been with Sandals all-inclusive resorts.

We’re convinced Sandals resorts are some of the best places anywhere for busy couples and families to relax and unwind. We’re convinced you’re going to love them, too.

Because we know you’re going to love them, we’re making sure you have access to great info on each one of the resorts. While Sandals all-inclusive resorts cover a lot of the Caribbean (7 different countries), their home-base is in Jamaica.

This post features Sandals’ cornerstone Jamaican resort – Montego Bay. [Read more…]

7 Ways to Think About That Perfect Honeymoon Destination

JennJackson590Jenn hanging out in Jackson, Wyoming on our honeymoon, Sept. 1999

Your honeymoon is the first travel experience of your new family.

The wedding is over. You both are traveling together as a married couple. Excitement and hope for the future define this trip!

How do you pick that perfect destination?

Choice can be tough.

We live in a time where you can easily travel to nearly any spot on the globe. Where do you choose? How do you begin to narrow the field? [Read more…]

The Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals!

smb-000-1Sandals original Montego Bay Resort in Jamaica

All-inclusive Caribbean resorts

Just consider it…an entire vacation and not a thought about what the next meal, drink, or activity costs. Check-out comes and all you get are best wishes for a safe trip and a speedy return with no additional tab to settle.

Can that really be true?

We wondered.

Actually, Jennifer wondered and I was sure there had to be a catch.

On our very first trip to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, I was skeptical. Ever the accountant, I was looking for that extra charge. I was waiting to say gotcha, and gloat over Jennifer a bit.

That extra charge never came. [Read more…]