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src-058-634At Sandals Royal Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Nothing beats some time lounging by tropical waters. Though some elements of the tropics that we love are on the ropes these days – read a little about the problems Coral reefs are having in the Caribbean and elsewhere and what the Coral Restoration Foundation is doing about it!

While we’re in the tropics let’s stop by Grace Bay. [Read more…]

Southern Travel Links!

IMG_7604-634From Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom!

Check out an in-depth review of the Magic Kingdom’s newest restaurant, Be Our Guest (we’ve eaten at Be Our Guest: the imagineering is top-notch and the experience is great).

Think you can’t travel the world with the kids in tow…think again!

Despite owning a DLSR, we end up taking almost all of our travel photos with an iPhone. Here’s some advice on making those iPhone shots better and better. [Read more…]

The Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals Carlyle

slide-01-634Sandals Carlyle as seen from the nearby public beach

This is the fourth in our series of short guides to Sandals resorts, and while it stands all on its own, if you’re new to Sandals and to the all-inclusive concept, you may want to read our introductory guide to Sandals:

The Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals!

Our last two posts featured two of Sandals’ Montego Bay, Jamaica area resorts, the original Sandals all-inclusive resort,Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Caribbean.

The third Sandals Montego Bay area resort is the Carlyle. [Read more…]