One Tip for Getting the Most From a Visit to Castaway Cay

IMG_2896-590Waiting to get the day started on Castaway Cay!

Here’s a short post with one tip for you Disney cruisers that you should not forget!

Castaway Cay is Disney Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas.

Nearly every Disney cruise in the Caribbean makes a stop at Castaway Cay, as the island is easily accessible, just 250 or so nautical miles east of Port Canaveral. It is also all Disney’s with no permanent inhabitants and the only visitors are Disney’s cast and clients!

Remember though, it’s pronounced “Key”.

A visit to Castaway Cay will be one of the highlights of your Disney Cruise.

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The Southern Girl Travel Guide to Sandals!

smb-000-1Sandals original Montego Bay Resort in Jamaica

All-inclusive Caribbean resorts

Just consider it…an entire vacation and not a thought about what the next meal, drink, or activity costs. Check-out comes and all you get are best wishes for a safe trip and a speedy return with no additional tab to settle.

Can that really be true?

We wondered.

Actually, Jennifer wondered and I was sure there had to be a catch.

On our very first trip to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort, I was skeptical. Ever the accountant, I was looking for that extra charge. I was waiting to say gotcha, and gloat over Jennifer a bit.

That extra charge never came. [Read more…]